Blackpepper Beefless Noodle


2 Servings of Noodles 

1 Spring Onion, Thinly Sliced

1 Tsp Sesame Oil

1/4 Tsp Ground White Pepper

1/4 Tsp Fried Garlic

1/4 Tsp Soy Sauce

Bean Sprouts, Boiled/Steamed

Pakchoy, Boiled/Steamed


1 Box Green Rebel Beefless Chunks, chopped to bite size pieces

200 ml Water

½ Onion, chopped

10 Garlic Cloves, chopped

10 Mushrooms, sliced

4 Tbsp Sweet Soy Sauce

4 Tbsp Tomato Sauce

1 Tsp Soy Sauce

1/4 Tsp Powdered Mushroom Broth

1 Tsp Ground Black Pepper

1 Tbsp Cornstarch slurry




  1. To make Blackpepper Beef - Saute onion and garlic with oil over medium heat. Add mushrooms and Green Rebel Beefless Chunks, cook for 3 minutes. 
  2. Once the mushrooms and Beef Chunks are well done, add the sweet soy sauce, soy sauce, tomato sauce, pepper, mushroom broth, and water. Let simmer over low heat.
  3. Add salt & pepper to taste, followed by cornstarch slurry. Cook until thick and set aside.
  4. Next, boil noodles according to package directions. 
  5. For the noodle seasoning - Add sesame oil, fried garlic, white pepper, and soy sauce in a bowl and mix well with noodles.
  6. Serve Blackpepper beef over noodles. Enjoy!