Just heat it up and enjoy! Now you can indulge in a healthy plant based meals anytime and anywhere! It's perfect for a busy day when you don't have time to cook or when you are outdoors travelling or on the go. One pack of Green Rebel's plant-based meat and egg is enough for 2-3 servings and can be enjoyed with warm rice and sautéed vegetables, salad or wraps, pasta or noodles - the possibilities are endless.

Beefless Rendang (Heat & Eat)

Beefless Rendang (Heat & Eat)

Rp 55.000,00
Black Pepper Steak Bites (Heat & Eat)

Black Pepper Steak Bites (Heat & Eat)

Rp 55.000,00
CNY Vegan Prosperity Black Pepper Bundling
22% OFF

CNY Vegan Prosperity Black Pepper Bundling

Rp 168.000,00
Rp 215.000,00

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Are Green Rebel products safe to consume?
    A: All Green Rebel products are completely safe to consume. All products are high in proetin & fiber with 0% cholestrol. Some of the proucts contain nuts. If you are alergic to nuts please check the allergen info available product packaging and product pages the website. Note - all our products are manufactured in a facility that processes nuts.
  • Q: How is it that these products don't need to be refrigerated?
    All Heat & Eat products by Green Rebel are packaged with advanced technology which extends it's shelf life without refrigeration. It's ready to eat right out of it's packaging. It's simply just "Heat & Eat"
  • Q: Is the Green Rebel product considered processed food?
    A: Green Rebel products are minimally processed using natural ingredients. Our Chick’n and Beefless selections are processed using advanced food technology to create the taste and texture similar to animal protein. 
  • Q: Are Green Rebel products organic?
    We use a combination of natural and organic ingredients.
  • Q: Why plant based protein?
    A: Plant-based proteins contain zero cholesterol, less saturated fat, and much less natural resources compared to animal products. By consuming a more plant-based diet, you are also doing the environment a huge favor by reducing water & land usage by up to 93% and greenhouse emissions by up to 90%.

Shipping & Delivery

  • Q: Which locations & addresses can you deliver to? 
    All Heat & Eat products can be delivered all over Indonesia through our shipping partner J&T Express.
  • Q: How long does it take for you to process & deliver my order?
    A: Delivery time varies, depending on your location, but usually custom shipping takes 36 - 48hrs to arrive
  • Q: How are the products handled while shipping?
    A: All Heat & Eat products are stored and handles at room temperature. The product packaging uses advanced technology hence the products don't require cold storage.
  • Q: How can I return or exchange my product? 
    A: Returning a product is not possible unless in extreme cases of damaged products. In such cases exchange or refund can be processed by reaching out to us via hello @greenrebelfoods.com or via Whatsapp on 0818-818-170.
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