Combining our love for culinary, passion for nutrition, and food technology -
we are able to develop a way to remove animal from all of our products,
while preserving the tastes and bites of meat.

Our products are made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, free of MSG,
preservatives, and refined sugar. It contains 0% cholesterol, contain less saturated fat,
and dietary fiber compared to animal counterparts.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or even a meat lover,
we have the right variant for you.


Chickpea • Soy Protein • Mushroom • Seitan

Don’t believe plant protein can compare to animal protein? Think again!
By using different plant-proteins, Green Rebel products
provide you with clean and complete protein
for your day to day.


Cassava Flour • Rice Flour • Oats

Not all carbs are equal.
We keep our carbohydrates the closest to nature as possible
(minimally processed and whole grain) to give you the clean energy you need throughout the day!

These carbohydrates are the binders of our ingredients
to create the texture you love.


Sea Salt • Ginger • Galangal • Lemongrass • Coriander • Tamarind

Bringing you Asian flavors that you love,
using all-natural ingredients and spices.

This is the key to creating the umami taste
without using any MSG and other funny ingredients.


Coconut Oil • Natural Vegan Seasoning • Water

Proprietary formulation of emulsion technology acting as animal fat replacement to create the distinctive taste, aroma and juiciness of our products.