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Go Meatless This March With Green Rebel #MeatlessMarch

Switch to rebelliously good plant-based meat this march & win exciting prizes!

Simply pledge your allegiance with us this #meatlessmarch by taking the pledge below. Show us the green rebel meal you enjoyed at our partnering restaurants or plant-based recipes you cooked using our green rebel products from our partnering retails, supermarket, or e-commerce.  Post them on Instagram, tag us and hashtag #MeatlessMarch to qualify for an entry. The more you post, the higher your winning chances!

Pledge Now

How To Enter The #MeatlessMarch Challenge

  1. Order a green rebel dish  at any participating restaurant
    Cook any Green Rebel products at home and purchese through our retail, supermarket, or e-commerce partners in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Philippines.
  2. Creatively document your meal and post it on your instagram (story/feed/reel). Tag @greenrebelfoods if you are in SG, MY or PH and @greenrebelfoods.id if you are in Indonesia and use hashtag MeatlessMarch
  3. Posting period: 1 March - 31 March 2023
  4. For List of participating restaurants in indonesia please visit our Instagram at @greenRebelfoods.id. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: how long is this campaign?
A: The campaign will last for the whole month of march, from the 1 - 31 march 2023.

Q: Can I post on Instagram story as a form of entry into the contest?
A: Yes, you can! As long as it is accompanied by either a post, reel or carousel picture. 

Q: Do I have to visit a restaurant for this challenge?
A: Not necessarily! You have the option to purchase Green Rebel products in our partnering retail as well. As long as you snap a picture, post and tag us at @greenrebelfoods or @greenrebelfoods.id that you swap your meat with a meatless one, then you are qualified!

Q: What are the participating restaurants?
A: All restaurant serving Green Rebel foods in Singapore and Malaysia is allowed. Participating restaurants in Indonesia can be found on this site.  

Q: How many winners will there be and how will your announce the winners? 
A: There will be 1 winner per country. So a total of 4 winners for Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Philippines. 

Q: Must my instagram account be public in order to enter this promotion?
A: Yes, your account submitting the entry should be public for the entire duration of the campaign. Remember to tag @greenrebelfoods if you are in sg, my or ph and @greenrebelfoods.id if you are in indonesia!

Q: Can I submit more than once? how many entries can I submit
A: you will just have to pledge once. The number of instagram entries will determine how many entries you have in this challenge. There is no limit to how many entries or post you can have.

Terms & Conditions

  1. This promotion is only open to participants living in  Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.
  2. In order to successfully enter the promotion, you will have to follow all the given instructions to qualify for the campaign. 
  3. Creatively document your meals and post it on your instagram ( feed, carousel, post or reels). Tag us at @greenrebelfoods if you are in Singapore, Malaysia or Philippines and @greenrebelfoods.id if you are in Indonesia and hashtag MeatlessMarch. 
  4. Please ensure that your instagram account is public for the duration of the campaign. 
  5. Posting via Instagram stories only will not be considered an entry to the campaign. Since Instagram stories are only valid for 24 hours, they will need to be accompanied by a post, carousell, feed or reels.
  6. If your entry is considered a prize winner, a representative from green rebel foods will reach out to you via our instagram account - @greenrebelfoods or @greenrebelfoods.id respectively. You will be notified of the prize you have won and will be asked to provide information to validate your entry in 7 days. 
  7. Full name 
  8. Contact number (for prize collection purpose)
  9. Email address (to send official letter of redemption)
  10. Winners will be contacted by the 7 april 2023
  11. For any enquiries regarding this campaign or on the terms & conditions, please contact marketing@greenrebelfoods.com